About Us

Kanti Yoga Studio

Kanti Yoga Studio is the first dedicated Hatha Yoga Studio based in Urmston and was founded in 2018 by Michelle ‘Kanti Devi’ Osborne.

Our ethos is ‘Yoga for All, for Life’.

We are 100% Covid safe and in line with all government requirements and also offer online classes via Zoom.

Kanti Yoga is a friendly space with a non-competitive atmosphere, where we welcome students of all levels from complete beginners to experienced, true Yogis.

Michelle teaches Hatha and Restorative Yoga classes as well as meditation and workshops alongside holistic treatments. Each class is unique and filled with creative energy to engage, challenge and – most importantly – restore the mind.

Our aim is to offer a safe and sacred space for people from all walks of life and of any ability.

My Yoga Journey

By Michelle Osborne

As a busy mum, looking after my two wonderful daughters, I was also struggling with OCD and felt I had somehow lost myself when I was first introduced to Yoga by a friend.

I had no preconceived ideas about yoga and knew very little about it, so I went with a completely open mind. I absolutely loved my first class – I wasn’t sure why – but something just clicked. However, I knew I needed to go back to explore and learn more. I started doing five classes a week, as well as monthly workshops with a regular teacher (who eventually became my mentor). I was totally boosted by the feeling that practising yoga gave me. It made me feel like myself again and I loved it!

Gradually, yoga helped me to get my OCD under control, which was completely liberating. It also helped me gain back my confidence and gave me the mental strength I needed to be able to support my eldest daughter through her health issues and the many operations she has had to endure.

Three years on from my first class – and with guidance from my teacher – I went to the Himalayas in India and trained there for five weeks to become a Hatha Yoga teacher under the supervision of swami monks who have dedicated their life to teaching. For my training, I chose the ashrams of Sivananda Vedanta centre, a non-profit making organisation, and it is whilst I was there that I was given the spiritual name of ‘Kanti Devi’, meaning ‘beautiful goddess’.

When I returned home I began teaching weekly classes around Manchester and also on a voluntary basis for my mentor at her yoga centre. I also built up a busy portfolio of 1-2-1 clients.

Then, in early 2018, I made the decision to open my own studio, with the principle of ‘yoga for all’ at the heart of it. By keeping the cost of the classes affordable, Kanti Yoga aims to bring people of all kinds together and learn to practice and enjoy yoga in a sacred place.

Our very own ashram in the heart of Urmston!